What Does It Mean To Be A Good Catholic?

Often people will ask themselves whether they are good Catholics. Are they are devoted enough?  They will ask for themselves if they are worthy of being called a good Catholic.  Here are some of the things a good Catholic might do.  If you happen to recognize some of these traits in yourself you will know that you are on a good path of showing love and devotion to your Catholic faith and God.


Respecting Your God


Being a good Catholic means respecting not only your faith and realizing that we are all God’s creatures, but also it means that no matter what happens you remember and believe your God.  Realizing that Jesus Christ died in order to save all of us, and repent for our sins, makes us grateful and humble Catholics.  Trust in your God, and He will not abandon you.  Trust in His choices.  Let Him show you the way. Let Him guide you.  Even in your darkest moments do not forget that God loves you, and that you are His most beloved child.  Return this love by believing in your God and yourself.

Pray Every Day

Pray to your God not only in times of need. Pray to Him in order show Him that you are aware of His presence.  Respect His presence which is all knowing, all powerful, all loving.  When you pray you can use prayers, but you can also speak from your heart.  The most honest prayers are those which come from the heart, and be assured that God hears them.


Visit Church

Even if you do not have time you should at least visit your church on Sundays.  Going to do church with your family every Sunday can be a nice way to bond with your faith and with your family.  Teach your family to share the love you have for your Christian faith, and instill in them Christian values.  You should also speak to your minister especially if you are experiencing some problems in your life.  Your minister will help you and guide you.

Read the Bible

Reading the Bible every day for at least 10 minutes or half an hour, can enrich your spiritual life and give you the necessary peace.  You don’t have to read a lot of pages every day in order to call yourself a good Catholic.  It is much more efficient if you read a few passages of Bible each day and dwell on those thoughts.  Try to understand the message the lines are trying to convey.  By focusing and thinking about thoughts which you read in the Bible you will understand your faith better and approach God.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, remember that God loves you and leads you every step of the way, He will never forsake you, no matter what. You will be a good Catholic and a good Christian if you follow the example Jesus Christ has set for all of us and respecting and loving God every step of the way.

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